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Behold a realm of fantasy! Featuring busty elves, orc futas, and one little mischievous goblin, this fantasy collection provides you with 5 stories in one!

Krissy Vs The Orc Futa (53 Images) - Krissy comes face to face with a futa orcs. But instead of a battle, they fuck for supremacy!

Elf Sheila's Sleepy Time (25 images) - With the sun down, Sheila takes her rest in the night. That is, until a mischevious gobin with a big cock finds her...

Courtney & Sheila Vs Orc Futas (31 images) - Sisters Courtney & Sheila are caught and fucked by the orcs. Will they be able to withstand their mighty orc cocks?

Elf Krissy Meets The Goblin (35 images) - At her base camp, Elf Krissy is met by that goblin from before. Annoyed by its presence, Krissy will help that goblin long as she doesn't fuck it.

Caroline's Quest (57 images) - That pesky goblin is at it again, but this time gets caught by the socerer Caroline. Unlike Krissy, Caroline is impressed by this goblin's massive cock and is ready to give it the loving it deserves.

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Fantasy Collection

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